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Transparency is important to us, and we share our findings with the scientific community. We have presented data at numerous national and international medical meetings in order to disseminate our findings.

ESMO Congress – Madrid Spain – October 2023

Clinical evaluation of a CE-IVD liquid biopsy pan cancer genomic profiling test

ESMO Congress – Madrid Spain – October 2023

Selective Phenotypic and Genotypic Evaluation of Circulating Glial Cells for Improved Diagnosis of Glial Malignancies

ESMO Congress – Madrid Spain – October 2023

A Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) based assay for diagnostic immunocytochemistry profiling of lung cancer - A step closer to liquid biopsy replacing tissue biopsy

ESMO Congress – October 2023

Implementing functional precision oncology in real-world patients | The translation of extensive in vitro data into personalized treatment by combining genetical and functional assays

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