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Difficult Cancers Require Smarter Strategies

Cancer is a genetic disease. Every human being is different and unique, so is his/her cancer. However, the conventional ‘standard of care’ approaches are based on population studies, which disregard the unique genetic landscape and complex metabolic dynamics of the tumor. As a result, the patients are at risk of failed therapies or aggressive relapse. It is, thus, imperative that the genetic architecture of the tumor is studied comprehensively before deciding the treatment plan, which has to be personalised to the individual patient and his/her disease.

Our tests offer comprehensive, in-depth, integrative, cellular, and molecular tumor analysis, which scans through millions of data points to present actionable recommendation/ guidance for effective treatment strategies.

Exacta® can identify the most efficacious drugs for every individual cancer. Exacta® analysis is available on a Blood and/or Tissue sample.

Deep Genomic Analysis of Tumor on a FFPE block identifies SNVs | INDELs | CNAs | Fusions | TMB | PDL1 | MSI | HRR

Chemo-scale™- a blood based analysis of tumor cells to provide drug efficacy and resistance guidance for effective chemotherapy.

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