Datar Cancer Genetics is an international healthcare company focused on saving patient lives and improving cancer care globally through the use of molecular oncology and personalised medicine. At our group company in India, our state-of-the-art cancer research centre and our team of scientists, clinicians and technologists have been pioneering solutions to overcome the most important problems facing cancer care.

Our laboratory is located at Guildford and is equipped with state-of-art machines and analytics. We provide a wide range of services in molecular genomics and Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) analysis – focussed mainly on cancer patients. Our non-invasive blood based test portfolio supports clinicians to screen, detect, diagnose and help select personalised therapies that will help improve patient outcomes.

Testing for cancer screening, diagnosis, therapy guidance and monitoring. We also offer Covid-19 RTPCR testing and have UKAS accreditation for the same.

Our products Trucheck, Cancertrack, Exacta, Trublood and Celldx are CE marked.

We believe that relentless research, bold initiatives, sustained commitment and an unapologetic determination to succeed against cancer will help us defeat it. We dedicate ourselves to this singular mission as if our life depends on it.


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