A Breakthrough

Annual Prostate Cancer Screening Test

Prostate Cancer often has no symptoms until the disease is advanced, and screening may help detect cancer early, when the chances of treatment success are high. Trucheck™ – Prostate is a revolutionary test, based on a simple blood draw, for early detection of Prostate Cancer in asymptomatic individuals.

Why Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer screening with PSA is not recommended as Standard of Care owing to limitations of PSA (low specificity). However, the TrucheckTM-Prostate is a blood based non-invasive screening with high sensitivity and specificity which accurately identifies individuals with an underlying malignancy of the prostate.

The Advantage of Early Detection


Should I Consider


No risk of radiation or those associated with invasive procedures.


Reductions in avoidable / non-critical appointments.

Minimize Procedures

Minimizes procedures that may be retrospectively deemed unnecessary.

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