What Chemo-scale™ Can Reveal

Non-Invasive in vitro Chemosensitivity on Circulating Tumor Associated Cells (C-TACs) to evaluate Response / Resistance to chemotherapy drugs.



For Whom

All patients who have been advised chemotherapy at any stage of the disease.




The choice of chemotherapy drugs is presently based on statistical probability of efficacy. However, a large number of patients fail on such treatments due to non-specific selection of drugs. Chemo-scale identifies the drugs which have highest probability of response and highest risk of resistance to eliminate trial and error on the patient.




C-TACs from peripheral blood are isolated and tested in vitro to observe comparative cell death when exposed to calibrated doses of cytotoxic drugs.



Sample Type

Peripheral blood as per DCG protocol.



Turnaround Time

Report will be available within 8-10 days.



Chemo-scale™ is an analysis of tumor cells to provide drug efficacy and resistance guidance for chemotherapy. With Chemo-scale™ analysis, we minimise the risks of therapy failure for the patient – saving money, reducing ‘trial and error’, and most importantly, intensifying the attack on cancer, not the patient.

Cancer is a highly heterogenous disease which has unique properties and differs in every patient and hence every patient responds differently to the same chemotherapy regimen.
The Chemo-scale™ approach directly tests the effect of chemotherapy/anti-cancer drugs on the patient’s tumor cells. It helps to customise the treatment plan according to the sensitivity and resistance pattern of tumor cells.
When armed with this information, the physician and the patient can choose the most effective chemotherapy from all available options.
Chemo-scale™ is the personalisation of chemotherapy by directly studying the effect of chemotherapy drugs on cells taken from a fresh biopsy sample of the tumor or Circulating Tumor Associated Cells (C-TACs) isolated from peripheral blood.

Advantages of Chemo-scale™


Analysis is carried out for single drugs and additional drug combinations on request.

It reveals cytotoxic chemotherapy drug effect on patients tumor cells.

It also reveals the hierarchy of these drug choices in descending order of cell death(%).



What is Chemo-scale™?

Chemo-scale™ is a powerful analysis performed on live tumor cells. It reveals which drugs or combinations will kill the cancer of a patient more effectively. It displaces the costly ‘trial and error’ method where the patient suffers enormously. We analyse the response of cancer to all NCCN-recommended, labelled, and off-label cytotoxic chemotherapy.

Chemo-scale™ enables the patient and the oncologist to make informed decisions based on actual evidence of therapy response and possible resistance.

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